You Card We Care Program

Because the human brain isn’t fully mature until the mid-20’s, underage use of alcohol and tobacco is the #1 cause of addictions or Substance Use Disorders in our country.

Where do youth get addictive controlled substances?  When we trace it back to the source, we discover it is always adults who buy, supply, sell to youth or fail to lock up alcohol or tobacco.

What can we do? You Card We Care is a positive reinforcement campaign focusing on giving thanks to our local retail cashiers who ID for the purchase of alcohol and tobacco. Here’s how it works:

  • Carry the You Card We Card and notice cashiers who ID for alcohol and tobacco purchases. It could be the participant him/herself or a customer at a nearby table or cash register or someone ahead of you in the check-out line.
  • Thank the cashier or server for carding a customer, which helps curb youth access to alcohol and tobacco.
  • Express appreciation by giving the employee the card.
  • Point out to the employee they qualify to enter a drawing for a prize.
  • Can also reach out to the managers to show appreciation for the employee’s efforts.

Our goal? To acknowledge customers often complain when carded. We want these workers to obey the law and decrease access even when it’s most difficult. We want them to know the community cares, is watching and has their back. What’s rewarded gets repeated.                             

As we approach prom and graduation seasons, Youth Community Coalition wants to invite the community to be a part of this home grown program to reduce substance use and addiction. We hope you will join us in this worthy goal of reducing access to alcohol and tobacco products to underage youth.

95% of addictions begin before the age of 21.


YC2 Offices: 207 Park Avenue

Family Impact Center – FACE Office: 105 E Ash Street

Public Health and Human Services – 1005 W Worley Street 

Columbia City Hall lobby – 701 E Broadway

RonYou Card We Care Program