Healthy Start

Every child and youth needs and deserves healthy bodies, healthy minds, and healthful habits and choices. It is important youth have access to appropriate healthcare and treatment, good nutrition and exercise, comprehensive health knowledge and skills, as well as role models of physical and psychological health. While this promise addresses the need for good health prior to the start of school, it also addressees the need for a healthy start to adulthood.  This includes preventing risky behaviors like substance abuse.

Strategic Initiative: Drug Free Communities Support Program


The premise of the DFC program is simple – that communities around the country must be organized and equipped to deal with their individual substance abuse problems in a comprehensive and coordinated manner. DFC Grantees consist of twelve community sectors: youth, parents, business community, media, schools, youth-serving organizations, law enforcement agencies, religious or fraternal organizations, civic and volunteer groups, healthcare professionals, state and local and/or tribal government agencies with expertise in the field of substance abuse, and other organizations involved in reducing substance abuse.

YC2 works locally to foster collaboration about activities and strategies that help prevent substance abuse and promote healthy choices.

Sample Activities Include:

Smokebusters–training youth as peer educators who teach other students how to make healthy choices.

Positive Action–school based curriculum helping youth make healthy choices.

Positive Youth Development–giving youth positive opportunities for fun and learning.

Awareness–educating the community about the dangers of underage drinking and substance abuse.

Community Mobilizing–organizing the community to change policies, attitudes, and behaviors regarding alcohol & drugs.

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