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Every child and youth needs and deserves the intellectual development, motivation, and personal, social-emotional, and cultural skills needed for successful work and lifelong learning in a diverse nation, as a result of having quality learning environments, challenging expectations, and consistent formal and informal guidance and mentoring.  YC2 seeks to support an effective education that builds marketable skills and enables young people to prepare for employment in the 21st century. Young people must master basic academic and analytical skills, learn workplace etiquette, and know how to use technology, such as computers and the Internet. Americas Promise partners help youth develop these essential career skills.

Strategic Initiative: 21st Century Community Learning  Center Program


This project takes an integrated approach to provide wraparound services that reduce risk factors associated with poor academic performance.  By working with many community partners, this project fosters alignment around common outcomes and seeks to create a high quality after-school learning environment that reinforces the core concepts being taught in school.

 How Does it Work?

Each participating site in the YC2 Community Learning Center Project receives: a teacher, counselor, parent educator, volunteer coordination, assessment tools, staff training, data collection, and evaluation services.  All of these resources are aligned around common goals and outcomes that the project partners have identified.

YC2 provides coordination of the program elements, working with the schools and an Afterschool Advisory Council made up of representatives from 12 community sectors including parents of program participants.

 What are the Goals of the 21st Century Learning Center Project?

Goal 1:  Columbia Public School students will gain knowledge and skills in the areas of communication arts, mathematics, and science.

Goal 2:  Parents of Columbia Public School District will have a stronger investment in their child’s education and own development.

Goal 3:  The Columbia Public School District and the after school community will have a stronger connection to one another in order to address the achievement gap in Columbia, MO.

These goals are aligned with the educational priorities of the afterschool programs, Columbia Public Schools, and the City of Columbia.

Who is Involved?

The YC2 Community Learning Project is built on a strong foundation of partners, including the Columbia Public School district, CHA Low-Income Services, University Y, University of Missouri Institute of Public Policy, and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. It operates in four neighborhood after-school/summer programs: Moving Ahead, Title I Pre-School, Boys & Girls Club, and Fun City Youth Academy

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