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The mission of YC2 is to help youth develop into productive and self-sufficient citizens by working together to decrease substance abuse and promote healthy behaviors. YC2 promotes community collaboration around issues concerning healthy choices, positive activities, education, employment, service, and the prevention of substance abuse.

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Our 5 Promises

The Five Promises

The Youth Community Coalition believes that there are basic things that a child needs in their life in order to help them succeed in school, in life, and in the community. These simple, but important things are called Promises. The America’s Promise Alliance identified 5 Promises that when present in a child’s life, will navigate life’s challenges and make positive choices. The Coalition monitors the condition of the Promises in the community by utilizing local data and listening to the voices of our youth and families. The following indicators were chosen to help track our progress as a community in keeping all 5 promises to our youth.

Are you interested in getting involved in providing the promises to the youth in Columbia?

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YC2 Initiatives

You Card WE Care

Because the human brain isn’t fully mature until the mid-20’s, underage use of alcohol and tobacco is the #1 cause of addictions or Substance Use Disorders in our country.

Where do youth get addictive controlled substances?  When we trace it back to the source, we discover it is always adults who buy, supply, sell to youth or fail to lock up alcohol or tobacco.

What can we do? You Card We Care is a positive reinforcement campaign focusing on giving thanks to our local retail cashiers who ID for the purchase of alcohol and tobacco.

Want to get involved? It’s easy! Just click on the Learn More button below to find out how the program works and how you can help.

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Safe RX Disposal

Prescription Drug overdoses have recently become the number one cause of accidental deaths in teens in the US. This initiative works to provide education about Safe Rx Disposal in order to protect the Environment, Public Health, and Public Safety.

Youth Community Coalition has partnered with the Boone County Sheriff’s Department and the Columbia Police Department to host two Prescription Drug Take Back events each year where members of the community can bring in any old or unwanted medication to be disposed of properly. Click HERE for information about our latest event.

Special thanks to Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the Wellness Resource Center, University of Missouri Police Department, Centralia Police Department, Ashland Police Department, Sturgeon Police Department and Ashland Police Department.

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Parent UP

Studies show parents have the greatest influence on whether their children will drink or use drugs. The Parent UP campaign encourages parents to use that power to help their children make safe choices.

Setting clear rules against drinking, consistently enforcing those rules, and monitoring your child’s behavior all help to reduce the likelihood of underage drinking. It’s never too early or too late to change how your child feels about alcohol. With tools and resources, we can help parents talk to their children about the dangers of underage drinking and the importance of refusing to provide alcohol to minors.

Contrary to what your child tells you, what you say (or don’t say) really does matter! Research shows that parents have the most influence on whether or not their child drinks. Parent Up encourages you to use this power!

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U Matter

The U Matter Conference is an annual event involving YC2, Columbia Public Schools, and REACH Communications. This conference aims to promote healthy choices and empower student leaders to be a force for positive change in their school and community. This two-day event reaches more than 4,150 students and culminates in a leadership development summit for 150 middle school students. At the Summit, students are equipped with leadership skills and given the opportunity to create action plans or themselves and their school. The U Matter Conference lives up to its name by reinforcing to all students that they do indeed matter and have the potential to do great things in the community.


Becky Markt  (573) 449-1993 (bmarkt@columbiaha.com)


Ron Rowe (573) 449-1993 (ron@yc2.org)


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